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tv   Headline News  RT  August 26, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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syria's president rejects western finger pointing over an alleged chemical massacre outside damascus saying facts not assumptions should come first as u.n. weapons inspectors head to the. bugs planted at embassies any you offices and now even the united nations headquarters a newly leads documentary deals another front in the n.s.a.'s all out to spying effort. plus says libya malts two years a since the fall of gadhafi a report on how the government deserve urgent to the colonel's savage methods to crush dissent while the country slides into economic turmoil.
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live from moscow this is our to you with me this morning. syria's president has responded furiously to the allegations that his army was behind the chemical massacre damascus last week granting them nonsense u.n. inspectors will be heading to the site today to probe the attack but some poor impalas seem reluctant to wait for their findings the united states which says it is confident that bashar al assad who was responsible for the deadly attack is moving in the warships closer to the syrian border the u.k.'s royal navy is also making preparations for a possible strike while the nato plan turkey says it will join a military coalition even with all of you win approval but are they jumping the gun artie's murray if not no lines aren't. united nations experts are in syria to investigate whether chemical weapons were used during the ongoing conflict finally but even before they start a senior u.s.
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administration official has said there is very little doubt that chemical weapons were used by the syrian regime against civilians these are the arguments we have told were given to president obama as proof that reported number of victims talc in the number explain how they see during world war two up to eighteen million people were killed what does that tell us about how they died the next argument to the american administration size leaves them in little doubt assad attacked his own people with cameco weapons is the reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured symptoms of course speak for themselves but how does that answer exactly who was behind this u.s. intelligence cites witness accounts that is hardly a reliable argument for syria since the beginning of the conflict there almost two and a half years ago each side has accused the other off to a queen each other while covering events from different cities in syria those
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undercover manto or rebel control i often matt and talk to witnesses from both. sides whose accounts contradicted one another the truth was never easy to find even on the ground well if chemical weapons were used in syria why does it automatically point to the syrian regime isn't that still to be investigated it all appears to be based on assumptions we still believe that they don't have the capability to use chemical weapons that has not changed again we're looking into the facts on the ground but there's no reason if there's nothing to hide for the regime not to let the investigative team do you know with the u.n. team is upgrading them to the same assumptions that the position doesn't have the ability to use these kinds of weapons yes there. may well major world media are bombarded audiences with grow task pictures of dead people including children
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allegedly killed by chemical agents allegedly used by the syrian regime and all that during the military escalation in the region the pentagon is moving its naval forces closer to syria three destroyer is already in the mediterranean ready and for a variety of attacks or all of them carrying up to three hundred cruise missiles more scope warns the west against repeating the tragic mistakes all these is remiss and of events of ten years ago in which he was in false information that the iraqis processed weapons of mass destruction the united states launched a reckless enterprise with consequences that everyone is well aware off russia's foreign minister spokesperson said well this small tube colin powell the u.s. secretary of state at that time presented to the u.n. security council as proof led to disastrous consequences will history repeat itself . r.t. moscow. and i further reaction from russia foreign minister sergei lavrov has
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warned of a regional catastrophe if the u.s. proceeds with the ministry intervention i have his son thomas has some more on moscow's concern well russia is urging the western powers to use caution not to jump to conclusions and judge too soon to avoid it tragic mistakes when it comes to be alleged use of chemical weapons in syria now russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov called his counterpart in the united states and john kerry to draw attention to the implications of what could happen if there was military intervention specifically for the middle east and for all of northern africa in fact lavrov told kerry that calls from the west to use military intervention in syria bypassing un efforts is basically wiping out joint efforts by the united states and russia to meet in geneva to try and come up with a viable solution to the syrian crisis now while not mentioned specifically by name
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on sunday the foreign ministry sent out a statement basically asking all parties who might be considering military intervention to use caution because they need any intervention or any action needs to be done with international law in mind using the verifiable facts from the u.n. investigation that if anyone should proceed it would just escalate the situation even further moscow is also calling on the u.s. to back off on damascus and to help to the u.n. to carry out this approach it in impartial way moscow says that threats from the west could lead to more bloodshed and will lead to more bloodshed in syria because it encourages the rebels to keep on fighting in a conflict where countless syrians have already been killed. well the prospect of yet another war is not getting the thumbs up from the american public let's have a look at those a recent poll that suggests that just nine percent of u.s.
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citizens want a president to launch military action now while about sixty percent said america should keep out of the situation in syria when asked about washington's us support for the op that obama should do walsall the rebels than just sending arms almost ninety percent don't want a country to help the syrian opposition now antiwar activists a tiger barry explains why americans have taken the stance for the last twelve years the united states has been fighting. a war of choice in iraq it war of choice in afghanistan that turned out to be longer battle the longer for war than the vietnam war which also was a war of choice the american people are war weary we know that what's going on inside syria americans even the average american know it's a proxy war we know we're not going to get the correct information from our
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government and we know that our government officials are only interested in continuing what would be a fear tactic of a continuation of war after war after work to keep the american public in check in the american public is no longer going to buy into it. now the story's coming up a mess a flood in russia's fight each shot as communities as thousands are forced to say goodbye to their homes party means of those who are determined to stay at the submerged houses to the bitter end. the u.s. national security agency has been spying on the united nations headquarters in new york that's according to newly published information leaked by edward snowden is a married couple and i is in new york with the details of this latest revelation. america's national security agency allegedly cracked the encryption guarding the united nations' internal video conferencing system that's according to german
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spiegel the publication says that the n.s.a. surveillance of the united nations took place last summer and three weeks after hacking into the video system america's spy agency had allegedly boosted its number its number of such decrypted communications from twelve to four hundred and fifty eight now for anyone who doesn't already know this spying on the united nations is illegal under international law der spiegel also reports that the u.s. maintains a monitoring program called the special collection service in over eighty embassies and consulates around the world often without the knowledge of the host country now many may be wondering why is it that the united states would want to spy on the united nations would spy on its allies because as we've been reporting and as u.s. president barack obama said himself recently the n.s.a. is in place to protect american security and target only potential terrorists what
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we do with it or some mechanisms where we can track a full member or e-mail address that we know is connected to. now it's unclear how spying on the united nations and international partners coincides with america's war on terror if anything what many critics are saying is that what may come out of the n.s.a. is worldwide surveillance is a loss in confidence and reliability in the united states because you have to think about it if you have a friend that you trust to find out is always spying on you is listening to what you're saying is watching what you're doing is reading what you're typing does that relationship still stay strong and that is a question that is clearly coming to light not only following this report but those questions have been coming to light over the past months ever since edward snowden . blow the whistle on n.s.a. spying programs. a million and a story to and p. for the swedish pirate party believes
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a suspect practices have been made possible by the loose interpretation of terms like terrorism by the us and to european governments there is threats have generally been described as anything from copyright infringement to actual making of of of bombs that could be harming to these people's physical integrity and so we have a very vague understanding in international law today of international discourse of how we make policy especially in western europe in the united states we don't know what you mean by the war it's like two weeks ago i heard in sweden that copyright infringement can be what i think what is more actually is that this war and he stuck with the united states is trying to stop the united nations. because we have there's absolutely no logic to how they're using the word war coming up a look at the chaos gripping libya stay with us here on r.t. .
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world. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. language. could make it without the federal constitutional some of. the consent to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact the. true spirit. of truth.
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is so watching r.t. for more international news two years on from the fall of colonel gadhafi in libya the euphoria of the revolution has all but gone today armed militias and islamist rule much of the country fighting over territory smuggling routes and shares of dwindling on revenue to top that off desperate government is quietly reactivating colonel gadhafi zefi of surveillance a parrot is using it to hunt down dissenters party's policy reports on the sobering anniversary. anniversaries are often a time of celebration but two years on libya has pushes little to be applauding. i'm not sure it will be right to assume that there's a government in libya there's no army no police militias are in control there's
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violent chaos. militia violence stalks the land jihadist groups are growing strikes threaten to cripple the oil industry and economic stagnation is everywhere with all the bad negative things that they will say about that they those that. control it by force the situation of these device divided countries libya post gadhafi is far from the haiti days of the revolutionary euphoria human rights watch says a wave of assassinations has killed dozens of politicians activists judges and members of security agencies all we hear is very. very troublesome because we hear about clandestine detention centers. detention centers that are run by militias that are not accountable to anybody these armed militias reportedly have more power than the government turning the country into a new hub for islamic extremism over the past few weeks three new kind of camps
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have allegedly opened in the south libya is becoming the main base for al kind of in the maghreb we also know that as a direct result of the libyan intervention that the civilian government embalmer co mali was overthrown in the north of the country and certain islamicist took over creating a humanitarian disaster leading to tens of thousands of internally displaced persons not to mention tens of thousands of refugees fleeing into mauritania linked to burkina faso basically creating a morass and if that's not bad enough the much promised constitution has failed to materialize politicians are deadlocked over the role of sharia law and bitter regional rivalries. libyan society consists of arabs berbers and taboo so the constitution should represent all segments and if any group is ignored then this
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means exclusion. the berbers who make up ten percent of the population are threatening to take up arms against the government there is a real danger that libya may break up you have a severe problem in libya with regard to the darker skinned nationals of the south of the country. except. those who are lighter skinned in the north and the deteriorating economic situation isn't helping commercial banks are closing their doors imposed test against the current armed robberies in a desperate attempt to keep a grip on things the new government is reportedly using methods that were popular during gadhafi time libya's transitional government has quietly be on survey to be surveillance technology it inherited from the definition it uses it to track the mobile phone and online communication of gadhafi loyalists the two machines it seems on not back to front after all except that oil production is down with libya
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unable to promise crude deliveries next month as on off strikes patronize its major terminals two years on and many are asking was it worth destroying libya to get this broken state when it's not clear who won it definitely doesn't seem to be the libyan people policy r.t. television. libya's oil production has plummeted to seventy percent of what it was before the revolution for a country heavily dependent on fuel exports that represents a catastrophic loss of income. people whom explains according to the libyan oil and gas minister nearly one point six billion dollars has been lost in less than a month because of the security guard strikes libya's two main crude oil export terminals remain shut which means the country's financial recovery after the twenty eleven breast has been doing rails the country is reliant on oil exports accounting
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for ninety five percent of all output that produces shipments. being cut to the lowest level since the civil war of twenty eleven more than half of libya's capacity with some estimating just three hundred thousand barrels per day and now being shipped out of the country and as a consequence libya's government to have said it will use military force if necessary to stop the striking security guards from selling the country's independence day but the rich the problem remains so is the ousting of gadhafi his regime the country is still plagued by chaos this time the cause is economic and knows. and as if economic turmoil and infighting weren't enough al qaida is now reportedly making saw there in libya its new base of operations a top official described. to all the chaos and establishing itself in the south of the country by a as a q way out of the off of the pan african newswire predicts that the instability
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will only get worse but this counter revolution has been detrimental to the well being of the libyan people what we've seen over the last two years is a total disruption of libyan society in the area of the economy it has been the most pronounced we've seen the production of all cut in half of the cost of strikes in the failure of the war and there's no plan for the national restoration of libya and many of the key political players involved in an attempt to run libya right now i divided over tribal regional as well as political levels and until the general national council of government there are reigns in the militias and tries to bring about some type of national reconciliation process the economic decline and consequently the social instability will intensify. that opinion though is not shared by everyone earlier my colleague. spoke to
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a deputy from libya's parliament who told us metals aren't as bad as they seem. i cannot ignore the dream have some some complications some mistakes have been done during the arts are going to do shit you need a war right now we had improving dramatically we have a security committee but being guys we have very suspicious specialized committee in the genes he reads the evening with a human rights watch but it's been two years since the full of the previous regime and even though you say that the situation is improving why there's so no safety and stability in leaving these safety security and stability was was a grain of sense is sensitivity and if we're going in the mood to get a. lot of problems started when really we were after the liberation of the company we have a natural blowout on the ground in certain areas is a crime sort of criminal it's more of the base from both sides rub some heat of
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a very unstable country. back to america's war on whistleblowers say it's a merger of the us a put a strong pressure on cuba not to allow it was voted in and then they in his search for a sign that now russian newspaper has found to have bad that was one adverse consequences if it led the n.s.a. whistleblower onto its territory you can get all the details at dot com. and a ticking time bomb for an aging you're a very common this one a financial meltdown by mid century when strange economies struggle to provide for their growing numbers of pensioners that story and more on r.t. dot com.
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record flood levels and russia's fall in. staff forcing more people to leave everything they have behind and as the authorities try to find ways of helping the devastated region survive the upcoming winter more rains are forecast artie's pos god talk to those who decided to stand their ground no matter what slightly younger is a village under threat on the banks of both yahoo on the red river residents wait nervously . record breaking water levels in the region a still rising forcing more and more people from their homes ruining property and livelihoods this lady is a full time carer for her disabled father she says leaving is simply not an option . if i don't live here i live in that neighboring house my garden is underwater i'm here because i take care of my dad life was tough for residents in rural eastern russia even before the floods here father and daughter grow their own
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potatoes and vegetables but now the land they used to rely on is totally under water various again all of the feel of my garden and chicken coop flooded the water is coming nearer and nearer to the house they are the only residents to remain artie's film crew later came across this man he's also decided to stay with his submerged property like many scared to leave through fear of looting because the the age of the every three hours a report to the emergencies minister the situation is under control we are on guard and we are ready to deal with all variants to the situation as it changes up to ten thousand people can be housed in temporary accommodation centers that have sprung up across the region shelter and supplies are provided along with psychiatric support to help people deal with the fallout from the devastation. that was going yes now people are grateful to those who have evacuated them from their homes who
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have provided everything they need matunga sleep residents worry about the future about the hoons and how they will spend their winter well how about oscar mains relatively untouched by the floodwaters so far the same parts to the fifteen kilometers worth of dimes that have been built around the city in order to keep the water at bay or thirties ordering it to reach a height of nine metres at the moment in order to contend with the rising flood waters but that is of little comfort to the people in the remote rural regions you're seeing their lives swept away. our borders. now for some international news in brief in china are called a search on charges of corruption bribery and abuse of power against former top ranking government official bullshit why now the prosecutor today called for a severe sentence against him is two years ago she life was set for promotion to china's top political body questions emerged over whether he used his influence to help cover up the murder of a british citizen his wife has since been convicted of the quite.
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greek finance minister has confirmed rumors that the country could need a third bailout but it says that athens will not accept for the austerity cuts he said around ten billion euros will be needed the country so far received two bailouts told in two hundred forty billion euros earlier german magazine der spiegel reported athens could need another cash injection sparking a wave of nationwide anger as most germans think they've already contributed in. an egyptian court has adjourned the trial of former president hosni mubarak who is accused of complicity in the killings of protesters during the twenty eleven uprising barak was sentenced to life behind bars last year but was later granted a retrial the hearing comes at the same time as the prosecution of senior figures in the muslim brotherhood the movement that replaced the mubarak regime but was
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itself forced from power in july. a huge wildfire in california say your scene national park is continuing to spread ten days after it broke out forcing people in small mountain communities to evacuate their homes the flames of fueled by high winds and dry conditions are also edging closer to a reservoir that san francisco depends on for its water supplies around three thousand firefighters and a dozen helicopters. battling the. last discovering russia series explores a villainous phrase and then. let me write out. sometimes it seems like in the face of giant corporations people are just sort of helpless i
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could be pretty pessimistic myself about what a few individuals with no real money or power can really do against the system but you never dull in fact if you remember tour discussion about ammonia doused pink slime being used across america and frozen fast foods well shift jamie oliver has actually managed to shame mcdonald's enough on t.v. to get them to back down and stop using this ultra processed form of quote meat at their establishments also we recently discussed gamer rage at the rather racist portrayal of russians in the game company of heroes two well all the rage actually worked and thanks to the seventeen thousand signatures on the change dot org petition that game has been pulled from russian shelves by the developer the thing is that massive corporations do a lot of bad things because they have no morals and are obsessed with profit but because they have no morals that are only obsessed with profit the second you even slightly threaten their cash flow they will instantly start cowering at your feet sometimes but that's just my opinion.
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summertime means. russians love this. amalie country houses at the end of the working week millions of people head straight for the peace and quiet of the villages a chance to recharge the batteries take a did an escape the hustle and bustle. bus if like me you're not lucky enough to have your own dacha little countryside are no isn't too hard to find. around two hundred kilometers from st petersburg there's a holiday village that promises beautiful old houses a warm river and
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a complete break from city life it's called mundra and it's supposed to be a place to turn back time and leave the warnings of the twenty first century behind . although it turns out that trying to live the simple life isn't always quite as simple as it seems. hello. are you going to mundra game i am going get a lift with the hope on. when you're heading deep into a forest a taxi can only take you so far you need a different kind of horsepower.


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